Linguini in Clam Sauce….Simply delish!

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Meet EV!!!!  I just realized it has been 6 months since my last blog!  YIKES!!!  I have actually prepared some good food in that time………we might have to address the air fryer poutine in the future.  Yet again I am sidetracked.  So this is our new forever friend EV_OO.  I wanted a name that would have some “nod” to our previous forever friend Olive whose time cut short from complications to Addisons Disease.  EV came to us from a wonderful breeder near Brainerd MN and if anyone is on the look out for a Poodle, a Cavapoo or a Cavalier Spaniel I can hook you up!  OK lets get to the food…. I first fell in love with linguini and clam sauce when my oldest son was a baby.  We had recently moved to Connell, WA and I was watching Regis and Kathy (that was back in the old days like 31 years ago) and Regis shared a recipe his wife Joy always made.  Well I was hooked...

Let’s Talk Pressure……….electric pressure cookers to be exact!

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Alright so the most recent craze in cooking gadgets (at least to my knowledge) is something called an instant pot (or in my case a Pampered Chef Quick Cooker). It is essentially a multi purpose tool. Any brand that makes them has several features. Generally they sear, slow cook, and best of all take old time on the stove pressure cooking into a much safer realm!!! No green beans on the ceiling in this house!!! I think calling them instant pot is a bit misleading. When you are cooking a roast and other things it is quite quick compared to other methods but it is not INSTANT dinner! The ingredients need to be prepped and placed in the cooker, and it does take some time (all depending upon what you are putting in it) for an electric pressure cooker to come to pressure and seal. I’d say generally it is upwards of 15 minutes! SO calling it instant is sort of wrong, but on the positive they...

Spinach Quiche with Hashbrown crust

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This won’t be a long over yappy food blog today.  It is about making a simple quiche better with a hash brown crust.  Life really is mostly about how good potatoes are and this is just proof 2193,666! So basically what I did (because some of the recipe I was following was not real clear) was I took two of the dehydrated “milk” boxes of hashbrowns and rehydrated them. Once they had rehydrated, I shook them out of the boxes into a mixing bowl.  To that I added 4 tbsp. melted butter, 2 eggs and spices to my liking.  General rule is about a tsp of garlic powder, and seasoning salt.  I like flavor, so I usually just sprinkle spices until  I think I will be happy.  There is no duplicating that! So now we need to prepare the springform pan we plan to put the crust in.  I used a 9″ springform pan.  You need to use shortening and grease the sides and bottom.  After you...

HuckRaspberry Vodka Martini

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Ok so enough with the food.  It is another very cold (but very sunny) Northern MN day and so I think we need to get our feel good spring and summer feel on!  I have noticed that this year, the fresh raspberries and blackberries have looked good in our local Walmart even!  Costco always has a nice selection of fresh lemons and limes!   All that  is a bonus considering when I woke up it was -9 with 40 mph winds and the forecast for the next ten days is not any better. How I came about making this Huck-Raspberry Martini is a combination of two things.  One I love to watch Twin Cities Live during the winter months. A few months ago they featured a raspberry martini which has now been twisted!  On a recent trip to a local liquor store (isn’t there a more flamboyant term for that …..I looked thru the thesaurus and the best I can come up with is Spirits. For this blog it will be the...

Luscious Asparagus Soup

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I spent a large portion of  my life in Eastern WA.  I don’t think during those years (1979-1995), I appreciated exactly what that area has to offer on so many levels.  Some of the best vineyards creating award winning wines , beautiful flowers whose season lasts  more than two months and the produce.  OH THE PRODUCE!!!!  Last fall, when my husband and I were in the Tri Cities for a visit, we finally made it to the Richland Farmers Market.  https://www.facebook.com/MarketAtTheParkway/ I was just in awe of everything I saw.  And the end of September with no concerns that it would be over tomorrow!  I think there last weekend was the end of October but don’t quote me on that .  You can follow them on facebook.  The stuff that dreams are made of!  OK three more images………..because I can……… (these were taken with my cell phone so ya) And this last one from...

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