What?!!! Someone doesn’t like Pizza ???

on Apr 20, 2018 in Families, Lifestyle

I don’t believe it myself………..what’s not to love about the iconic American food…….second next to burgers.  Well, I’m married to that guy.  On  the rare times the hubby is out of town, I DO PIZZA…


It has been a long winter in MN……….but I’m happy to report spring is showing upand yes that comes in the form of a lot of deer poo and yellow grass.  But that showing up is a good sign it, means it is time to  celebrate.  My favorite way to celebrate spring is with a wonderful #Lemondropmartini


Pucker and smile can you say #lemoncillo………. ok so I digress.  This blog is supposed to be about #Pizza.  As I mentioned before, my husband is not a fan…….and I LOVE Pizza…………Since it is  a rare treat in my life  I decided to take a frozen pizza

did you say Dijiorno ..  And see if I could upscale it to a GREAT pizza.  I did some research, read what others have done and this is what I came up with.


Frozen Pizza base

let it go let it go

to this I started with more cheese!!! (cheese yum yum)

it is the cheesiest

added a little YIPHEE YA ( in other words pepperoncini’s) and since I had no fresh garlic went with cut up scallions ……..

pepperoncini peppers (sliced or diced)

got to love a scallion

Since I love extra HEAT!!!  Added some yummy red pepper flakes.

red pepper flakes

Now we bake!!!

HOLD THE OVEN!!!  No not yet we forgot a step… what screams goodness besides garlic butter?  NOTHING!!!  So I tossed a tbsp of butter with a bunch of minced garlic into the nuculater ( aka Microwave) …………and brushed the crust with that!!!  Yummo

butter and garlic.

Heated the oven to 400 made sure my 24 year old #pamperedchef pizza stone was ready.

In to the oven my #pepperonipepperoncinipizza went 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.

into the heat abiss.

The end result of the upscale frozen pizza was something to be cherished! YUM YUM . Let it rest about 5 minutes before slicing.

Slice er up!

call in the troops, it’s pizza time


and that Is a wrap.

So in conclusion, this frozen pizza hack was a success and I’ll do it again.  I found some of my inspiration for this at https://www.purewow.com/food/frozen-pizza-hacks .


I’m grateful spring has finally sprung and can get jiggy with smoked food!  TGIF!

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